Designs inspired by the elements that surround the Morro Solar. Each jersey presents a part of the topographic map of El Morro and an associated element that characterizes athletes from different disciplines who seek to break their limits in each training session.

  • Earth

    For those who enjoy being on the hill, whether it is with loose ground or a great grip, and feel a great connection with the mountain. They are resistant to all adversities.

  • Fire

    For those who practice their favorite sport intensely. They never give up and keep that flame alive. They are confident in their abilities and never stop being in action.

  • Air

    For riders who like speed and feeling free like the breeze while practicing their favorite sport. They guide their team and always support them.

  • Water

    For those who feel a great connection with the sea. They like to flow in each training session and encourage others to always give their best.

Elements Series

UV protection in areas where the sun hits (shoulders and forearms)

Elastic sleeves to wear the elbow pads underneath

Hyperventilated fabric for heat release