Our Riders

Our riders challenge their limits at all times. They have a drive to excel and are always looking to unlock a new trick, reach for that extra inch and always pick themselves up from their falls.

Jana Yamashita

Lima, Peru 🇵🇪

Discipline: inline skating

Modality: roller freestyle (street, vert, park)


  • World Runner-up (World Roller Games Argentina 2022)
  • South American runner-up
  • 2nd place Brazilian National Championship 2023
  • Absolute Peruvian National Champion (Junior and Senior Female categories) 2021 - 2022
  • Fifth place in the Men's Senior category Peru 2023
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José Santana

San Antonio de los Altos, Venezuela 🇻🇪

"I have been practicing MTB for 4 years, I fell in love with the adrenaline that descending a mountain gives you.

More than a sport, it is a lifestyle, a passion that I live every second and for which I want to pedal until the end of my days"


  • Morro Fest 2022. 2nd Place Senior Category
  • Enduro Series Peru 2022. 2nd Place Senior Category
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"Pay the sacrifice of discipline today and live like a champion tomorrow"

Nahuel Chamorro

Posadas Misiones, Argentina 🇦🇷

Discipline: inline skating

Modality: roller freestyle (Bowl and Park)

"I've been competing for three years, I started at 9 years old and I'm 18. My biggest accomplished goal was qualifying to the world finals [World Roller Games Argentina 2022] and landing a double frontflip. My favorite place to train is at Kempes in Córdoba, Argentina."

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Fernanda Gutiérrez

Concepción, Chile 🇨🇱

Discipline: Inline skating and quads.

Modality: Slide Inline freestyle, Roller Terra, Quads

A skater since 2014, she has ventured into different skating disciplines. Multifaceted and continually challenging herself she started with Figure Skating, then Urban Skating, Inline Hockey, Inline Freestyle, Quads Park and Off Road Skating

“I started teaching skating in 2018 as a coach in a skating sports club, then I taught at an ice rink and so on in various places until today”

Promoter of skating as an alternative means of transportation and the benefits it provides to the individual and society.

Her latest foray has been Off Road Skating, Roller Terra or Mountain Skating, a mix between Roller Cross, Pump track and Downhill with Drift and circuits that challenge anyone. An emerging discipline, which you find outside the urban perimeter, but without a doubt with a projection to being one of the favorites and dangerous of inline skating.

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“There was a before and after when I discovered this sport, not only I practice and I teach skating, it is so immersed in my daily routine, that there is not a day that I do not get on my skates, even if it is just to move around and yes, I have more skates than shoes”

Aaron David Miguel Mina "Frozono"

Lima, Peru 🇵🇪

Discipline: MTB

"I started during the pandemic. Almost three years ago I arrived at La Molina Ecological Park, from there I was interested in downhill. Then I arrived at El Morro, I love riding the Chorriline and this place became my home. I admire Loic Bruni , Aaron Gwin and Sam Hill."


  • Champion First Date of the National Ranking 2022
  • Fifth National Championship
  • Runner-up First Date of the 2023 National Ranking
  • Third Second Date of the National Ranking 2023
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